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Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens Trailer Has Dropped Out Of Hyperspace!

The wait is finally over. We have been given our first glimpse of the all-new, highly polished Darkside and the Light. Lock your s-foils into attack position and behold the new trailer for… Continue reading

Concept Art for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy by Kev Jenkins

Concept artist Kev Jenkins is the man responsible for creating some of the epic settings seen in this years highest-grosser Guardians of the Galaxy. Jenkins was brought on at the very early stages of production… Continue reading

Super Bowl TV Spot Trailers, Feat: Iron Man 3, Star Trek, The Lone Ranger, Oz, Fast & Furious 6

If you missed them all, here’s the full shebang of Super Bowl TV spots that have been released online. Starting off with the awesome Iron Man 3 trailer with new footage, Marvel’s “Iron Man 3”… Continue reading

Ridley Scott Presents Indie Eco-Terrorist Thriller ‘The East’, With Ellen Page & Alexander Skarsgård

With the Sundance Film Festival currently running, audiences are getting their first looks at many of this years potential indie hits. We’ve already seen the trailer for Old Boy director, Park Chan-Wook’s english… Continue reading

Andy Helms’ Serious About Not Being Serious 8-Bit Geek Art

If the pixel art in games like Sword and Sworcery gets you excited, then you’re going to love the geek-tastic creations made by artist and visual designer, Andy Helm.  His “serious about not being serious” 8-bit, 80’s… Continue reading

Pacific Rim, Guillermo Del Toro’s New Sci-Fi Epic – Bad-Ass Trailer, Posters And Details

We’ve already seen the viral video teasers and mech blueprints for Guillermo del Toro‘s new Sci-Fi movie, Pacific Rim. Today, Warner Bros. have released some cool new posters and images, plus an exciting and pretty… Continue reading

Cool Surreal Movie Posters By We Buy Your Kids

The Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas over the last few weeks, has been running their final pop culture gallery show for 2012. Tina’s Mom’s Boyfriend was the name of the show, which was comprised entirely of movie poster… Continue reading

Awesome ‘The Terminator 2029’ Cover Art By Massimo Carnevale

Italian artist Massimo “Maestro” Carnevale has an amazingly stylish manner of painting. We’ve featured his work way back, showcasing his awesome hyper-realistic painted interpretations of famous scenes and stills from movies. He has been… Continue reading

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