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Pop Culture Digital Print Designs by Guillaume Morellec

Check out this collection of pop-culture digital designs created by French illustrator, Guillaume Morellec. Featured above is his latest Metal Gear Solid 3 poster designed for an upcoming show at Hero Complex Gallery. Below you’ll find designs inspired… Continue reading

Marinko Milosevski’s Cool Series Of Video Game Poster Designs

Marinko Milosevski is a pop culture designer from Detroit, USA, who is currently an illustration senior at the College for Creative Studies. His main body of works includes creamy coloured, cool looking posters for films,… Continue reading

Snake!, SNAKE?!, SNAAAAAAAAKE!!… Raiden?

The hype for the upcoming ‘Konami’ video game ‘Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance’ has caused artists from around the planet to do up some amazing pieces, depicting the main character from the game, ‘Raiden’.… Continue reading

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