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D.I.C.E. (Dublin International Comic Expo) 2014

Some scenes from this weekends D.I.C.E. (Dublin International Comic Expo) in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin. L00t was scored, laughs were had. Picked up some innovative and entertaining new independent sci-fi comics, Freak Out… Continue reading

Concept Art for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy by Kev Jenkins

Concept artist Kev Jenkins is the man responsible for creating some of the epic settings seen in this years highest-grosser Guardians of the Galaxy. Jenkins was brought on at the very early stages of production… Continue reading

Amazing Marvel Art and Illustrations by Mike Zeck

Mike Zeck, is an American comic book illustrator best known for his work on MARVEL‘s Captain America, Spider Man and The Punisher. Zeck began his comics career in 1974. His earlier, old school 70s-80s splash page… Continue reading

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Alien MakeUp Designs by Altered State FX

Altered States FX, headed by David White, is the English based company responsible for the awesome special makeup effects used in Marvel‘s cosmic extravaganza GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. “James [Gunn] always pushed for practical… Continue reading

Cool Set Of ‘World War Z’ Graphic Poster Designs That Are Way More Infected Than The Crappy Official One

We recently got to see the first trailer for Brad Pitt’s new zombie apocalypse thriller ‘World War Z’. The movie is loosely based off the best selling book by Max Brooks and revolves around United Nations employee… Continue reading

Showcase: Amazing Movie Poster Designs By David O’Daniel

David O’Daniel is an artist and designer who is affiliated with San Francisco’s famous Castro Theatre. He has been gaining quite the following by creating awesome silk screen posters for classic films that… Continue reading

Showcase: Mos Eisley Cantina Ping Pong Paddles And Other Bits By Matt Ritchie

Loving this guy so much! Californian based geek artist, Matt Ritchie has quite the collection of quirky, unassumingly cool artwork. The Star Wars Mos Eisley cantina ping pong paddles (featured above) were created as part… Continue reading

JohnnyMex’s Awesome Movie Poster And Desktop Wallpaper Designs

Download JohnnyMex a.k.a Manny Leonardo, is another emerging pop culture artist/designer from America. Following hot on the heels of the new geek art and design movement, headed by the likes of fan favourite, Mondo artist, Olly… Continue reading

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