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Concept Art for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy by Kev Jenkins

Concept artist Kev Jenkins is the man responsible for creating some of the epic settings seen in this years highest-grosser Guardians of the Galaxy. Jenkins was brought on at the very early stages of production… Continue reading

Ladies Assemble! ‘Avengers’ Inspired Outfits (Complete Wardrobe)

Ever wanted to dress like an Avenger, but not actually wear a cape, put on a helmet or carry around a shield? If so, then ladies, check out these awesomely creative outfits that… Continue reading

Prada Goes Steampunk

Prada has unveiled a beautiful new line of Steampunk style menswear for the fall 2012 season. They’ve taken today’s modern style and mixed it together with a steampunk style twist. Their marketing campaign… Continue reading

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