Artist Jed Henry has produced a series of Ukiyo-e (pronounced ooh-key-yo-eh) inspired pieces, mixing traditional Japanese art and Japanese vintage video games heroes. The results are awesome. Ukiyo-e are the traditional woodblock prints… Continue reading

Animated Star Trek Opening Sequence

Shawn Sheehan has put his talents to use on this fresh alternate animated  intro for the hit sci-fi television show Star Trek. Sheehan writes, “This animation is an homage to one of the most groundbreaking sci-fi… Continue reading

Robot & Frank

Jake Schreier’s independent sci-fi buddy comedy Robot and Frank has made the film festival rounds this year, impressing audiences wherever it goes. The story follows Frank (Frank Langella) a retired cat burglar who gets a new lease on life when he is introduced to a surprising new companion.

Director: Jake Schreier
Writer: Christopher D. Ford
Release Date: 24/08/2012

Edgar Wrights Ant-Man and the echo time locator?

It was announced a while back that Director Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgram, Shaun of the Dead) and Marvel Studios have teamed up to start working on the next instalment of their superhero franchise… Continue reading

20,000 Lego Brick Staircase

While renovating their Manhattan loft, artist Melissa Marks and interface designer Vicente Caride collaborated with Suzan Wines of I-Beam Design to create an amazing stair rail and wall constructed from nearly 20,000 LEGO… Continue reading

Prometheus Black Goo

Prometheus Black Goo (Spoilers, leg it!)

Transformers 4 will not be a reboot

Michael Bay has mentioned before that the next Transformers movie will be a reboot. It looks like he has gone back on his words. In a recent interview with LA Times’ Hero Complex, he… Continue reading

HBO pulls Game of Thrones episode

Off with his head! Game of Thrones has gained some serious heat recently, when a fan pointed out that a beheaded George W. Bush makes an appearance in the Season 1 finale. Show creators, David Benioff and… Continue reading

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