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Hand-Crafted Vintage Art Collages by Joe Webb (Special Guest, The Cosmos!)

UK based artist Joe Webb uses vintage magazines and assorted prints that he has collected to create some cosmically elegant hand-made collages. Webb’s work is very popular on-line with hundreds of thousands of people sharing his… Continue reading

Showcase: Mos Eisley Cantina Ping Pong Paddles And Other Bits By Matt Ritchie

Loving this guy so much! Californian based geek artist, Matt Ritchie has quite the collection of quirky, unassumingly cool artwork. The Star Wars Mos Eisley cantina ping pong paddles (featured above) were created as part… Continue reading

‘Girls: Fact or Fiction’ Art Show Highlights

​Light Grey Art Lab is a gallery and art events organization located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that has been running the ‘GIRLS: Fact or Fiction’ art show since the 7th of December. The show features over… Continue reading

Star Wars And Transformers Awesome Wheatpaste Geek Art Series By Hydro74

Following on from our previous pop culture art showcase we thought we’d show you a wee bit more from the awesome artist that is, Hydro74. Check out his sweet looking series of wheatpastes below. Including… Continue reading

Watch: ‘Psycho – Homage to Hitchcock’ A Paper Craft Theatrical Installation

Psycho – Homage to Hitchcock is an awesome theatrical installation of Alfred Hitchcock’s cult classic ‘Psycho’. It was made by directors and designers Davy and Kristin McGuire, using paper craft and miniature projection mapping. According to the… Continue reading

RTF Transmission Recap: October

It’s that time again – the end of another month. So, I’ve made a link round-up of all the top transmissions from October, 2012 in a list below. October was Return To Fleet’s best month since launching in June.… Continue reading

Silhouettes From Popular Culture, Olly Moss’ Book of Paper Cut Art – Review

Acclaimed artist and Return To Fleet favourite, Olly Moss has quickly become, according to Slashfilm, “one of the most in demand and influential pop culture geek artists today”. Born in the UK in 1987, Olly… Continue reading

RTF Transmission Recap: September

It’s that time again – the end of another month. So, I’ve made a link round-up of all the top transmissions from September, 2012 in a list below. September was Return To Fleet’s best month since launching… Continue reading

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