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We’re dedicated to providing you, our crew, with out-of-this-fuppin’-cosmos updates and supplies! Featuring: Art • Film • Sci-Fi • Games • TV • Anime • Comics • Graphic Novels • Street Wear • Tattoos • Cosplay • Graffiti • Graphic Design

We are keen followers and enthusiasts of Pop and Geek Culture Art. It is our policy to showcase and share the talents of many of today’s top and upcoming artists. If you are an artist or designer that infuses their work with iconic characters or universes created in Pop, Geek or Subculture, please send us your work to feature, and or, have a quick chat/interview to accompany it. Have a look at some of our previous art showcase posts with interviews: Minimal Game and Movie Poster Designs by William Henry | An Interview and Graphic Movie Poster Redesigns with Alain Bossuyt

We also like to do reviews and interviews for art books, graphic novels and films – short or feature length. If you think you have something we’d be interest in, and would like us to review it, please get in touch. Check out a couple of our reviews we done for the awesome publishing company, Titan Books: ‘Silhouettes From Popular Culture’ by Olly Moss | ‘The Great Showdowns’ by Scott C.

Finally, if you think Return to Fleet could do something for you or vice versa, with regards anything at all, drop us a line! We are always looking to team up with similarly focused groups or individuals, to achieve our shared goal of spreading deadliness, snack-boxes and optic blasts around the universe – Get involved!!

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Just to note, we are only a new site and brand, which started July, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland. So, over the next couple of months we will be undergoing changes in the design and layout of the site, until such a time that we get things right. At the moment it’s just one guy doing everything, and it’s a hobby, so basically we’re in ‘Beta’ mode. There’ll be loads of exciting things in the future, so stay on-board. Thanks for the support!

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