Monthly Archive: February, 2013

‘Destiny’: An Awesome Looking New Sci-Fi Game By Bungie (Halo Creators)

Bungie, the creators of the insanely popular Halo franchise, has revealed their latest shooter game project called Destiny, and it looks awesome! They’ve released a great video explaining what the game is, how it’s played, and… Continue reading

Oculus Rift Gives Us A Virtual Reality Headset For Immersive Video Gaming

The Oculus Rift, an upcoming virtual reality headset founded and designed by technology enthusiast Palmer Luckey, will allow gamers to fully immerse themselves into video game environments. Once the headset is strapped onto the user… Continue reading

Super Villians Re-Imagined As Real Life Bad Guys By Butcher Billy

“Some might say all art is a reflection of the times we live in.” The Legion of Real Life Supervillains is an illustrated project by Brazilian designer Butcher Billy that re-imagines a series of comic book… Continue reading

This Years Oscar Nominated Short Films

‘Head Over Heels’ directed by Timothy Reckart and produced by Fodhla Cronin O’Reilly. A husband and wife have grown apart over the years. He lives on the floor, she lives on the ceiling,… Continue reading

Blood Filled Trailer For The Shining Documentary, ‘Room 237’

Check out this blood filled trailer for the amazing documentary on The Shining called Room 237. This is apparently a must watch documentary for any fan of Stanley Kubrick‘s The Shining. After the box office failure of Barry Lyndon, Stanley Kubrick decided… Continue reading

Gallery 1988’s Awesome Collection Of Oscar Nominated Movie Poster Art

Gallery1988 recently commissioned an awesome collection of movie poster art celebrating the nine films nominated for Best Picture this year for the 2013 Academy Awards. A few RTF favourites got the job, check them all out below. Here’s… Continue reading

Watch: Mr & Mrs Sith Lightsaber Battle Video

Created by the team over at DefconUnlimitedStunt, check out this fun Star Wars Lightsaber battle video featuring two married Sith Lords. The effects and make-up is really well done. ENjoy!

Tim Doyle’s ‘Unreal Estate II’ Art Show, Feat: Sopranos, Deadwood, Firefly & More!

This Thursday, SpokeArt Gallery in San Francisco will open it’s doors on the new exhibition, UnReal Estate 2 – the second solo art show by Nakatomi founder and geek artist, Tim Doyle. A… Continue reading

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