Interview: Alexander Iaccarino’s Awesome Neon Genesis Evangelion Poster Print

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To coincide with the release of the latest movie instalment from the sci-fi anime series ‘Evangelion’. Aspiring artist and R.T.F favourite, Alexander Iaccarino (a.k.a That Kid Who Draws) has spent the last month cooking up a deadly looking personal illustration inspired by the franchise.

The poster is titled “Welcome to the Apocalypse”, and each section of it is as usual, passionately drawn and superbly detailed. It features all the characters and creatures from the show. From the giant humanoid ‘EVA’ cyborgs and their human pilots. To the destructive Kaiju beasts known only as ‘Angels’.

We thought it would be cool to have a quick chat with Alexander to go along with showing you his latest (awesome) creation:

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, we’re big fans of your work!

Thanks for digging the work! I appreciate any chance I get to talk about my work.

Have you always wanted to be an artist/illustrator?

I’ve been on this path since I was a small child, drawing all the time. It wasn’t until 5 years ago I quit my day job to freelance full-time and this year until people started paying attention. It hasn’t been easy but I do what I love.

Alexander Iaccarino's Popular Akira Poster

Alexander Iaccarino’s Popular Akira Poster

Considering you’ve now made two wicked looking posters based on anime movies/series, you’re obviously an anime geek! What else inspires you?

Anime was a huge inspiration of mine growing up and lately I’ve been revisiting that passion. Today’s anime is somewhat lacking and I find myself more inspired by American poster artists. I’ve been combining my love for the two and it seems to be well received.

If you were going to make another illustration inspired by an anime, what would it be?

I have a few already in mind for this year and without giving too much away, there’s still some old school classics I haven’t done yet.

What are your plans for 2k13, with regards your art career, any big news for your fans to look forward to?

I’m entering 2013 ready to rock. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way last year with shipping large runs and such but I’m totally prepared now. Also I’m lucky enough to be invited to a few Gallery 1988 shows. And just like last year, I’m working my ass off trying to become a Mondo artist.

What other anime series/films would you recommend watching to anyone reading?

There’s rarely a new anime I try to turn people onto but Death Note has to be seen by everyone. That series was fantastic and relatable for any fan of Dexter.

What was the last film you watched, and what did you think of it?

Cabin in the Woods on bluray! Easily my favorite movie of 2012. I slowly creeped through each frame of the “elevator scene” catching things I missed the last 10 times I watched it.

Super nice chap! Check out some more detail close-ups from his Evangelion illustration below. If your interested in purchasing the poster, click here, it’s printed on 17 mil 330gsm Epson Hot Press Bright White, acid-free, 100% cotton rag.

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