Snake!, SNAKE?!, SNAAAAAAAAKE!!… Raiden?

The hype for the upcoming ‘Konami’ video game ‘Metal Gear Rising: Vengeance’ has caused artists from around the planet to do up some amazing pieces, depicting the main character from the game, ‘Raiden’. The Fleet has picked out the most outstanding ones to showcase.

Check out the new trailer for the game:-

First up is 24 year old Spanish designer/illustrator Marga Ferrer Donaire (aka, KarmaLizzard). Graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Valencia (2006-2011), this dude is one to watch. Check out his site here, to see more of his stunning work.

Next, we have Takato Yamamoto from Japan. After graduating from the painting department of the Tokyo Zokei University, he experimented with the Ukiyo-e Pop style. He further refined and developed that style to create his “Heisei Esthiticism” style. His first exhibition was held in Tokyo, in 1998. Visit his facebook site, here. His Ukiyo-e style version of Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series, owns (below).

Last but not least, is deviantart member Matthew Williams (aka baddassmatt) from the U.K. Check out his site, here.

For more information on the game visit Konami’s website, here.

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